Photo 4; HDR

1024-6 Hornyak_HDR

This week, I did HDR. It was pretty cool because I got to go downtown Ann Arbor on a sunny day and take pictures of buildings and stuff, but my best  photo came from my kitchen where I stacked up two coffee cups. Then I edited it to put black around it and it looked great! I had fun with this assignment.



Composite ME 2 Hornyak_Composite ME copy Hornyak_Composite me

For this weeks assignment, I had to take 5-7 pictures and compile all of them together into one picture, which is supposed to describe me. For example, I put a picture of my dog, some jeeps, my girlfriend and I, my sister, a match I was in, and some graffiti I saw because it’s a lot of things I like. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, it’s my favorite one so far!!! I wish I had some more photos though, but besides that I had no regrets about this assignment. I liked learning the different functions of photoshop the most, it was very helpful.

Photo 3, Event #1; Cousin/Sister’s bday

Hornyak_Event IMG_7000


ISO: 600

Shutter: 1/100

Aperture: 2.8

This week, I took pictures at my sister’s and cousin’s birthday party. I got some really good pictures of them both, but the best one was of my cousin smiling and looking all cute. I had fun with this assignment because my whole family was there and I had a lot of people to take pictures of, although most of them were not slideshow worthy. I got some good pictures of some cakes too, it was a fun assignment.



Photo 2, Macro

This week, the assignment I chose was macro. It was hard to do because it’s really cold and gray outside, but I photoshopped a TON of green into my pictures. It went pretty well, my best picture being the one of my dog. It took me forever to get that shot though, she kept moving and trying to lick my camera, but eventually she gave up. I didn’t learn much during this assignment because of done it a million times, but I always like these pictures the best!





These are my high dynamic range photos, which means that photoshop combined the low, medium, and high exposure together to get the best of all three. I liked the blueish one because of its awesome colors, the other ones I think were just boring. I liked this assignment because I got to use photoshop and learn how to do something new for my assignment pictures later on. I  was kind of expecting some cooler looking results, but they ended up pretty okay I guess.

Photo Assignment 1, Nature

IMG_4204 Hornyak_Nature

This week, my assignment was to take pictures of nature, and it went really well! Originally I was planning on going to a karate event, but it got canceled so I did this instead. I got my best picture at an indoor garden along with a few others, and I had fun taking the pictures! I also got a cool picture of my sisters pet gecko, and that looked great too. My other photos in this album look really good too, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Photoshop Beauty

Photoshop Beauty

Photoshop in Magazines

Photoshop Negativity

Over the past 15 years, magazines have been digitally editing photos of their models to make them look “Prettier”. For example, they’ll make her look a little more tan or edit out some extra skin so that she appears “healthy” to people when its not possible to look like that and still live healthily. These articles focus on what these images of fake beauty  do to the minds of young woman all over the country and how it provokes unhealthy habits like anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. I think its fascinating that magazines are allowed to digitally edit their models so that they can make a better profit, that sounds a lot like cheating to me! It’s also interesting to me how young woman know that the pictures are shopped, but they still go through unhealthy circumstances to look like those pictures! It’s a wild goose chase to look like those pictures and still be healthy, because in reality the models don’t even look like that! I really think that magazines should use only REAL photos, maybe a crop here or there or a levels adjustment, but not the complete clone stamping over stretch marks or the air brushing over the entire picture to make the model tanner. It’s just ridiculous!!