Best Photo/Photo Feedback

Best Photo/Photo Feedback

I really didn’t like the required assignments we had to do in this class. I think that we should’ve had more freedom to do what we wanted because we’ve already done photo 1. It seemed like this time around, we had more restrictions than we did in photo 1! So if I had to change something, it would be that. Also, I really liked the other photoshop techniques that we did, they came in handy! But I didn’t like the portrait assignment, we’ve already done it before in photo 1 and nobody liked it, so I don’t get why we had to do it again. Overall it was a good class, and I can’t wait for advanced photo next year.

The thing I learned most this trimester was how to use photoshop proficiently. Last year, I was good at taking photos, but then my photoshop editing was dreadful! This year, however, I’ve gotten really good at photoshop and making my good pictures look great, as you can see from the picture above. I liked this class!


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