Photo 6

Pano_0042 Pano_0049 Hornyak_Panoramic Pano 3 Pano 2

This week, my assignment was panoramic, which I usually HATE doing. But this time I liked it because i got to use my phone and it was a lot easier than shopping it, so I was able to take more pictures of things that I like! Most of them are at a karate event, but my favorite is the ice cream one at my job. I really had fun with this one!




hornyak_panographic copy


Although I HATED this assignment, the end picture came out pretty well. I tried to make it look summery even though everything was dead, so I smudged the trees to look like leaves, and it ended up pretty co0l!! I didn’t like the loooong process of clipping photos together though, that sucked. However, I think I might use this method later on.

photo 5, black belt test

This week i went to my dad’s black belt test and took pictures for the event assignment. I sat around for eight hours taking pictures, and I got some really good ones. I cant put a slideshow in on this assigment because is being weird, so here is my best photo. I liked this assignment because it was something I was interested in. Hornyak_Event 2



This week, I had to take two portraits; one in studio, one out of studio. The out of studio one had to look like my inspiration. Mine kind of did, but its a little different. I did not like this assignment because i thought twas boring.

Portrait inspiration

Autumn_and_I_by_LonelyPierot-600x703 images



I chose these two photos as my inspiration because it captures the personality of the subject, which I think is important for a portrait to do. I don’t want just a straight forward mug shot with a stoneface, I’d like to get some sort of object or attention grabber in there too, which I think these photo’s do nicely.

Photo 4; HDR

1024-6 Hornyak_HDR

This week, I did HDR. It was pretty cool because I got to go downtown Ann Arbor on a sunny day and take pictures of buildings and stuff, but my best  photo came from my kitchen where I stacked up two coffee cups. Then I edited it to put black around it and it looked great! I had fun with this assignment.


Composite ME 2 Hornyak_Composite ME copy Hornyak_Composite me

For this weeks assignment, I had to take 5-7 pictures and compile all of them together into one picture, which is supposed to describe me. For example, I put a picture of my dog, some jeeps, my girlfriend and I, my sister, a match I was in, and some graffiti I saw because it’s a lot of things I like. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, it’s my favorite one so far!!! I wish I had some more photos though, but besides that I had no regrets about this assignment. I liked learning the different functions of photoshop the most, it was very helpful.