Photoshop Beauty

Photoshop Beauty

Photoshop in Magazines

Photoshop Negativity

Over the past 15 years, magazines have been digitally editing photos of their models to make them look “Prettier”. For example, they’ll make her look a little more tan or edit out some extra skin so that she appears “healthy” to people when its not possible to look like that and still live healthily. These articles focus on what these images of fake beauty  do to the minds of young woman all over the country and how it provokes unhealthy habits like anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders. I think its fascinating that magazines are allowed to digitally edit their models so that they can make a better profit, that sounds a lot like cheating to me! It’s also interesting to me how young woman know that the pictures are shopped, but they still go through unhealthy circumstances to look like those pictures! It’s a wild goose chase to look like those pictures and still be healthy, because in reality the models don’t even look like that! I really think that magazines should use only REAL photos, maybe a crop here or there or a levels adjustment, but not the complete clone stamping over stretch marks or the air brushing over the entire picture to make the model tanner. It’s just ridiculous!!


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