Hornyak_strokes Hornyak_Spray Hornyak_Gallery Hornyak_Gallery 2 Hornyak_Clipping Hornyak_Blur Hornyak_Blur 2 Hornyak Clipping

This assignment was to frame some pictures in different ways (clipping, spray, gallery, and blur) and I’ll admit, at first it was a pain. I couldn’t get anything to work and it was just a big mess. I didn’t get anything done the first day because it was so confusing, the second day I started to get the hang out it, and then finally on the last day I flew through it and it was easy! It helped me learn more about photoshop and how to use layers, which is why I liked this assignment. What I didn’t like was how hard it was to learn, but once I got the hang out it it was easy. I think I’m actually gonna use these techniques on my other photos!


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