Panoramic Photos

Hornyak Panoramic 4 Hornyak_Panoramic 3 Hornyak_Bananaramic Hornyak_Panoramic Hornyak_pano 5

These are my panoramic photos. I had a lot of trouble with this assignment because photoshop was being stupid and wouldnt read my photos! I am never doing this assignment again! But what was good about this assignment was that it helped me relearn how to use photoshop, it was pretty helpful. But i still hated it. Can’t wait for the next assignment!

Advertisements Album: Principles of Design

In order of picture:











Balance – The distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space.

Movement – The path the viewer’s eye takes through the artwork, often to focal areas. Movement can be directed along lines edges, shape and color within the artwork.

Repetition – Works with pattern to make the artwork seem active. The repetition of elements of design creates unity within the artwork.

Emphasis – The part of the design that catches the viewer’s attention.

Simplicity – Look for ways to give the center of interest in your pictures the most visual attention.

Contrast – Contrast occurs when two elements are different. You want to make sure the differences are obvious.

Proportion – The feeling of unity created when all parts (sizes, amounts, or number) relate well with each other.

Space – The area between and around objects. Space can also refer to the feeling of depth.

Unity – the feeling of harmony between all parts of the artwork creating a sense of completeness.


During this assignment, I didn’t learn a whole lot, but doing this helped me kind of get back into the swing of things. I realized that I have gotten a little rusty over the year since I took photo 1, but this assignment helped me out a little bit. My favorite picture is either the picture of the samurai sword (simplicity) or the two kids fighting (movement). I also liked the one for space, because it was so simple to take but looked like a really complicated picture. I had fun taking pictures during the past week, I can’t wait for the next assignment; MOVEMENT! It’s one of my favorite things to take pictures of, but it is difficult. I think during this assignment it took me somewhere between 10-15 tries to get a good picture of movement. I learned at the end that in order to get a good movement picture, I have to use rapid shooting so that I catch every second of the movement and then I can pick the best out of them.


About me

My name is Andrew Hornyak, and I am taking photo 2 because I liked photo 1, but I didn’t get the hang of it very well until the trimester was over. Over the past year, I have been taking pictures in my own time so I don’t get to rusty for this class. My favorite thing to take pictures of is architecture, which is also my strong point when finding a good pictures! Attached is a few pictures I took during my architecture unit last year. I really like these pictures, I think they are my best by far! I hope I do well this trimester in photography 2!  Hornyak_BW Hornyak_3rd

Andrew Hornyak