Photo 8

Photo 8

For this assignment, I did panographic, which I had absolutely NO fun doing. Since they take so much time, I only did two because it would take days to make 8 of them. I really didn’t enjoy this assignment because it was something I already did before and didn’t enjoy.


Best Photo/Photo Feedback

Best Photo/Photo Feedback

I really didn’t like the required assignments we had to do in this class. I think that we should’ve had more freedom to do what we wanted because we’ve already done photo 1. It seemed like this time around, we had more restrictions than we did in photo 1! So if I had to change something, it would be that. Also, I really liked the other photoshop techniques that we did, they came in handy! But I didn’t like the portrait assignment, we’ve already done it before in photo 1 and nobody liked it, so I don’t get why we had to do it again. Overall it was a good class, and I can’t wait for advanced photo next year.

The thing I learned most this trimester was how to use photoshop proficiently. Last year, I was good at taking photos, but then my photoshop editing was dreadful! This year, however, I’ve gotten really good at photoshop and making my good pictures look great, as you can see from the picture above. I liked this class!

Photo 6

Pano_0042 Pano_0049 Hornyak_Panoramic Pano 3 Pano 2

This week, my assignment was panoramic, which I usually HATE doing. But this time I liked it because i got to use my phone and it was a lot easier than shopping it, so I was able to take more pictures of things that I like! Most of them are at a karate event, but my favorite is the ice cream one at my job. I really had fun with this one!



hornyak_panographic copy


Although I HATED this assignment, the end picture came out pretty well. I tried to make it look summery even though everything was dead, so I smudged the trees to look like leaves, and it ended up pretty co0l!! I didn’t like the loooong process of clipping photos together though, that sucked. However, I think I might use this method later on.

photo 5, black belt test

This week i went to my dad’s black belt test and took pictures for the event assignment. I sat around for eight hours taking pictures, and I got some really good ones. I cant put a slideshow in on this assigment because is being weird, so here is my best photo. I liked this assignment because it was something I was interested in. Hornyak_Event 2



This week, I had to take two portraits; one in studio, one out of studio. The out of studio one had to look like my inspiration. Mine kind of did, but its a little different. I did not like this assignment because i thought twas boring.

Portrait inspiration

Autumn_and_I_by_LonelyPierot-600x703 images



I chose these two photos as my inspiration because it captures the personality of the subject, which I think is important for a portrait to do. I don’t want just a straight forward mug shot with a stoneface, I’d like to get some sort of object or attention grabber in there too, which I think these photo’s do nicely.